Most people own a single home and live in it for the rest of their life or until they buy a new home. But, the occasional homeowner will purchase another home, typically in another area. This is easiest to do after retiring because it allows the homeowner to switch between homes every six months or so. It is also possible for those who are self-employed who can work anywhere to enjoy this lifestyle. Since you are gone for six months out of the year, leaving each place empty during that time period would be a mistake. It is better to make use of the chance to turn it into a vacation rental, and a storage unit is necessary.

Keep a Neutral Design When Leaving

Although you might love the idea of having homes that cater exactly to your personal preferences, you should consider keeping everything neutral in design. The key is to use a storage unit for storing everything that is not neutral while you are not living there. As soon as you arrive for a six-month stay, you can head to the storage unit and take out your wall art, pillowcases, couch covers, and other decorations. This will prevent you from losing out on potential guests while also being able to satisfy your desires.

Put Away Your Personal Things

Another thing that you do not want to be around when you transform the house into a vacation rental is personal photos or items that have a great deal of sentimentality. It is best not to make any of your guests feel uncomfortable when visiting your home, which could lead to a not-so-great review. Ideally, you should make it your goal to make the guest feel as if they are staying in their own home. A storage unit allows you to please guests and put your personal things out when you arrive.

Provide the Appropriate Features

If you like to visit one home during wintertime, you will most likely have heavy blankets and small appliances such as an espresso machine and slow cooker out in the kitchen for routine usage. But, when spring and summer rolls around and you are at the other home, these things are not going to be that useful. Having a storage unit means you can carry two sets of items to fit with the current season.

Renting out two different properties throughout the year means you may need to use a storage facility or two, but this is more than okay because it will ensure you and your guests have a positive stay every time.