If you are relocating out of state, your anxiety levels may be considerably higher than someone who is planning a local move. There are a few things that you can do to alleviate your anxiety, and ensure that the transition to your new residence goes smoothly. 

Create a cleaning kit, and keep it separate from items being packed for moving.

The kit you create will be multi-functional. You can use the cleaning items to wipe down and clean last minute messes from your old residence. When you arrive at your new residence, it will already be unpacked and ready to use. 

Opt for white glove packing and unpacking.

If your budget allows it, this is a premium packing service that will ensure that items your items are packed and unpacked in your presence. This option will reduce the chances of your items getting damaged during a move, and protect you from possibly getting injured trying to pack or unpack items yourself. 

Plan for future banking needs in advance.

Determine whether or not your current bank has branch offices in the state and city you are moving to at least two weeks in advance. If you need to find a new bank, you can likely find one online, and you may even be able to open the account online too. In the event you are able to continue your banking relationship with the same financial institution, ensure you update your new address and phone number. 

Pick up belongings, and return items to others.

Ensure that you make a list of things you need to pick up or return. For example, you may have clothing at the cleaners, or you may have library books or items you borrowed from friends that need to be returned. 

Have a protection plan in place for living things.

Inquire with the moving company about whether or not they pack and move plants. If not, you need to decide whether you will transport these yourself. Ensure you consider outdoor temperatures and the delicate nature of plants. Also, ensure you have a safe moving plan in place for your pets. 

Scavenge and collect all keys.

You may have keys in places you do not think of often. For example, you may have keys hidden for emergencies, or you may have given a key to a friend for emergencies. Gather these keys to give to your landlord or the new property owners. Also, ensure you gather spare garage openers.

 Final Thoughts

An interstate moving company, like United Moving and Storage, is a the best resource to use for your out of state moving needs. They can provide you with additional tips on ensuring a stress-free move. They may also have checklists available for you to ensure that you do not forget to take care of all business prior to your move.