When packing a storage unit, most people focus on getting everything into the unit as quickly and efficiently as possible. What they forget is that several months or years down the road, they will be pulling items out of that unit again. Putting some extra time and effort into packing the unit, and in particular, following these tips, will make your life easier when that unpacking day comes.

Make an inventory list of what's in every box, and number the boxes.

Each time you start packing a box, write a big number on its side. Then, write that number in a notebook, and next to it, list everything you put into that box. When you're done packing, you'll have an inventoried list of everything that's going into your storage unit. Should you need to access an item in the future, you'll know exactly what box you need to grab.

Use sturdy boxes that stack well.

After months of sitting in stacks, weak boxes can compress, putting strain on the items inside of them. Make sure you choose sturdy boxes, preferably made of corrugated cardboard, for packing. Also, when you put items into the storage unit, place heavier boxes on the bottom of stacks, and lighter boxes on the top. Even if a box does not seem to be compressed under a heavier box when you first stack them, it might give out after several months in storage, leading to a landslide of boxes that is incredibly hard to clean up and unpack.

Leave a pathway in the unit that gives you easy access to all boxes.

When it comes time to unpack your storage unit, there may be certain boxes you want first. Make sure you don't have to pull everything out of the unit to access these boxes. A good arrangement is packing everything along the three walls of the unit, and then creating a pile in the middle. Leave enough space so you can walk around the pile. This way, everything should be accessible.

If you know who will be helping you unpack the unit, have that same person help pack it.

This way, the people who help you unpack will be familiar with where everything is in the unit, and with your overall organizational scheme. This will save you time having to explain where everything is when you unpack. The extra pizza you have to buy your friends as bribery will be worth their help.

Talk to a self storage professional like Epic Group Inc for more tips.