Moving takes a lot of finesse. You have to make a checklist of everything you need to pack, when you need to pack it, how you need to pack it, and where it will go after it is packed. As you go along, you may discover that you need some less than conventional or more unusual moving supplies. The following are three examples of less common moving supplies and why you might need them.

Wooden Shipping Crates

Wooden shipping crates are not for every item, every person or every move. They are designed to ship all of your most valuable and fragile items long distances, e.g., moving artwork overseas. If you are not moving valuables, nor are you moving overseas, shipping crates are still excellent for moving very large and very heavy objects. The can protect your baby grand piano or your china hutch, an heirloom left to you by a long deceased relative. They are exactly the extra protection you need, not only to protect the objects within them, but also to protect everything else outside.

Rubber Rolls

Things get jostled in the back of a moving truck and sometimes they do not always survive the drive from one location to the next. Rolls of rubber insulation are wrapped around these objects to protect them. Often, the rubber is used to protect antiques or expensive furniture made of soft woods such as pine or cedar. Rubber rolls left rolled up can section off areas in the moving truck, providing an excellent buffer zone between the item(s) you want protected and everything else loaded beyond the rubber buffer zone.

Duct Tape

While this does not sound like a less common moving supply item, how it is used, is. People who need to move large aquariums or mirrors will first cover the highly fragile and cumbersome glass item with cardboard and then wrap it with duct tape. Aquariums can be completely wrapped with duct tape, with or without the cardboard layer. In the event that the glass items break, the duct tape contains the entire glass mess until the duct tape is removed at the new location.

Needing More Than Just Cardboard Boxes

Moving companies always offer customers boxes, packing tape, packing paper, styrofoam and bubblewrap. What you may need may go beyond that, and you have to find it or create it. Ask a freight shipping company or an international shipping and moving company what they have for moving supplies, and then you will have exactly what you need.

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