If you are an antique car enthusiast, you know how valuable and special the cars can be. If you own an antique car, it is important that you store it properly to ensure that it does not lose any of its value. Storing it in a storage facility is a far better option than storing in the street or in your garage for many reasons. Use the following guide to learn a few reasons why storing your antique car in a storage unit is best.


When a car is kept in a driveway or parked on the street, it is susceptible to damage. Limbs could fall on the car or children could accidentally scratch it as they ride by it on bikes. Even covering your car with a car cover will not protect it from all of the possible damage it could incur. Keeping it in a storage unit ensures that nothing is able to get close enough to it to damage it.


When you park your antique car at your house or in the street, anyone can gain access to it. Someone could break into it and steal it very easily if it is parked at your home. It is best to secure the car behind the locked door of the storage unit if you want to keep it as safe as possible at all times.


Insurance companies often require someone to pay less for their insurance costs when their car is secured in a storage unit while it is not in use. This is because the car is less likely to be damaged or stolen, and thus the chances of the company having to pay a claim on the car will be greatly diminished.


When a car is exposed to the elements for extended periods of time, the dash, interior, and paint of the car will start to fade, crack, or peel. This can make the car look unsightly and cause you to have to invest in restoration. Storing the car in a storage unit keeps it safe from the elements so it can look as great as possible for as long as possible.

Storing your antique car in a storage facility will give you peace of mind. You will know that the car is as safe as it can be at all times. Most storage units charge very reasonable rates for their storage costs, making it an investment well worth making. For more information, contact a company like Arctic Self Storage.