Are you thinking of opening a retail shop where you sell and buy gently used clothing and other items? If so, this is a great way to make money, and it's fairly easy to get started.

If you advertise that you have a need for used kids or adult clothes and you'll pay for them, people will dig out of their closet to find items to sell. Some people may have tons of clothes they are ready to unload, along with other baby supplies and items. Here are a few things you'll need to get started.


Choose a location that is convenient for moms and women to get to, since this will be your target audience. You'll also want to find somewhere that people will be shopping on a regular basis, possibly next to a school or a park. The more convenient it is for people to get to the location, the more likely they will be to drop off and buy items.


You will have to store a lot of clothes in between seasons and in different sizes. You will want to get heavy duty plastic storage bins so the clothes aren't exposed to any dust or moisture. Dust will stain and can cause odors, and moisture damage will cause the clothes to mildew. You can get different colored bins to help determine gender or age, and this is an easy way to organize your retail items. You can stack the bins, put code numbers on the bins, and store items worry free.


Advertising should be easy. You can create a small website at an online web hosting provider, with information about your shop. Your website should tell shoppers where the location is, what time you open and close, which days you're open, and you can even add coupons or sale information on the site.

Having flyers go out in the mail, using social media, and advertising at local family events in the area are great ways to get exposure.

If you don't have the money for professional grade clothing racks when you first open up, talk with a local handy man company or construction company about figuring something else out, so you can display all of the clothes that you have.

You'll also want shelving and display areas for all of the home items, toys, books, puzzles and other items that you get. These stores are incredibly popular around the nation, and you can use online companies, or go to garage sales to pick clothes up to resell when you first get started.