If you are presently planning a move across the country, then there are some items that you need to be aware of that can potentially have negative legal consequences if you are caught transporting them across state lines.

Three of these items are:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • plants
  • exotic pets

Here is some information about the legal issues that surround moving these three items from state-to-state:

Moving Alcoholic Beverages

If you have a wine and spirits collection that you want to move to your new home, then you only have a problem if you are moving to the state of Pennsylvania. While transporting alcoholic beverages across state lines is legal in all other states, transporting it into Pennsylvania is illegal. If you are moving to PA, then you might want to consider having a large party before you depart or selling your collection.

Moving House and Garden Plants

When you contact long distance moving companies to get quotes for your pending move, you will soon find out that there are not any moving companies who will move house or garden plants. The reason for this refusal is that many states have laws that prohibit the transport of live plant materials into their states. The reason for these laws is to protect states from invasive species of plants and from the introduction of new insect species that may enter with the plants.

Moving Exotic Pets

While moving your cat or dog is not a legal issue, you might be surprised to learn that moving an exotic pet may be. For example, the state of California does not allow residents to own ferrets. The reason for the ban on pet ferrets is that the state is concerned that unwanted pets may be released and start wild colonies of this large rodent.

If you will be moving your exotic pet, then you should check the regulations in the state you will be moving to, as well as any states you will be traveling through during your move. Most states will allow you to transport your exotic pet through their state, but you may need a permit to do so legally.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a better understanding concerning legally moving your alcoholic beverages, plants, and exotic pets, you can be confident that you are not breaking any laws when you move. For any additional questions that you may have about moving regulations, you can speak with a representative at a long distance moving company.