Moving can be a very stressful and unpleasant experience for most people, which is why it always helps if you have a way to make the move easier. Next time you need to pack up all your belongings for a move, try these 4 life hacks you may not have thought of.

Use Plastic Wrap To Cover Clothing

Clothing can be a huge hassle to take with you during a move. Everything is already on hangers, and wardrobe boxes can be expensive and heavy. Putting clothing in small boxes means you will need to rewash everything to get the small pieces of cardboard off of them as well.

For your next move, try leaving all your clothing on the hangers and wrapping them in plastic wrap. You can use the same large rolls of plastic that are designed to wrap furniture to keep your clothing safe and secure. Have one person hold the clothing up with a hanger, while another person completely wraps the clothing in plastic. It will help keep everything clean and protected, and you can just throw your clothing on top of other items when you need to make room in the moving truck.

Gather Cheap or Inexpensive Boxes

One of the most expensive parts of moving is the packing materials. You will need to buy boxes and tape for a single use, and then the materials are typically discarded immediately.

Check online classified ads in your area for people that are throwing away their used boxes, or selling them for a cheap price. You may be surprised at what you can find without paying retail.

Get A Free Moving Truck

If you are moving to a smaller place, you will most likely need to move some of your belongings into storage for a while. Keep in mind that many storage facilities offer a free truck rental when you rent a storage unit with them. While it might not be feasible to use the truck to move a very large home, it will be ideal for those that are moving between small apartments. You can also check for discounts through moving companies like Easy Moving & Freight

Label Your Boxes With Color Codes

Save yourself the trouble of writing the room name on every single box by color coding them instead. Purchase a pack of colored stickers, and designate a color for each room of your home. Use additional colors to indicate fragile items, or boxes that need to go directly to your storage unit.

With the help of these life hacks, moving will be a little bit easier for you.