Moving can be stressful, but it can also be a great thing. A move is a chance for a new beginning and a fresh start. You may be moving on to bigger and better things in your new location. You just have to make it through the moving process first. So why not simplify it and get through the move as quickly as you can, so that you can move on to that next phase?

Take a look at a few tips that will save you time and money and simplify your move:

1. Wrap It In Plastic

How many times have you opened up a box of toiletries after a move, only to find that one bottle or another has opened and spilled all over everything else in the box? Avoid this scenario by removing the lids of any bottles of lotion, soap, shampoo, or other liquid, and wrapping the uncapped bottle in plastic wrap. Then replace the lid. That will prevent any messy spills.

Speaking of plastic wrap, it's also a good idea to invest in a big roll of stretch wrap. You can use it to protect your furniture from scratches and scuffs, and you can use it to hold a group of boxes together. Group the boxes that are going to the same room with the stretch wrap and cut down on the confusion when you unpack.

2. Pack Two Rooms At Once

Do you know what makes good padding for dishes, cups, bowls, and other breakable kitchen items?

Clothes do that. Wrap your clean kitchen items in clean clothes. Clean socks work great for protecting cups and stemware, and shirts and sweaters can pad the larger items. You won't have to buy as much bubble wrap, and you'll be packing your kitchen and your closet at the same time.

3. Take A Picture

Are you unsure that you're ever going to remember how to hook up your television, desktop computer, gaming console, and other devices when you get to your new home? It's easier than you think – just take a picture of the wire placement with your smartphone or digital camera before you unplug anything. Then you can refer to it when you unpack.

4. Use The Rolling Suitcase Wisely

It's one thing to pack clothes in a rolling suitcase when you're going on vacation. But when you're moving, you need to allocate the rolling space more efficiently. Clothes can go in any box or bag. Put heavy things in the rolling suitcase, and they'll be easier to transport because you won't have to lift them. You can just roll them right up to the moving van's ramp.

One more thing that will save time is hiring professional movers. Professionals are an especially good idea if you have many delicate or valuable items. Professionals will be less likely to damage any of your breakables, which will save you money on repairs and replacements after the move. To learn more, or if you have other questions, try contacting a company like A.M.P.M. Movers.